11TT YG3 Fitness Activity Tracker Smart Bracelet

Another entire week of nonstop wear has passed (today around 5PM) and I am pleased to say the battery is only down to 48% this second week of nonstop usage! It is currently about 9AM so in 8 hours it will not drop much for an entire week of use, very impressive!

This is the Android app I am using as there look to be 3 versions:


Fitness Activity Tracker, 11TT YG3 Sports Bracelet Wristband Pedometer Smart Band with Step Tracker/Calorie Counter/Sleep Monitor/Call Notification Push for iPhone iOS and Android Phone
Color: Black

Review sample provided.


  • Lisa Randles sagt:

    Do you have any idea how to set the sleep tracking? Mine won’t let me change the start time and end time. It stays on 12:00 am – 12:00am. Any advice?

  • TheSwirly12 sagt:

    Do you think I could go swimming with it?

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      I think it is probably best not to but it MIGHT be okay IF you remain very shallow and don’t spend I’d say much if any longer than half about hour max in the water. Showering isn’t even supposed to be an option but I did to test as part of the review process.

      This is from the Amazon listing:

      Q:Is the fitness tracker waterproof?
      A:Yes, Our bracelets are waterproof. But for the service life of bracelets, we recommend you don’t take a bath with it. You can wear it for wash hands,food and so on.

    • rozgar mamand sagt:

      i have one and it says in the instructions to not take swimming or in with you whilst you are showering

  • TheSwirly12 sagt:

    In the app there is an option to turn the screen watch vertical instead of horizontal. Mine is set to vertical.

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      I’m currently using a different band even though this was a VERY nice app and a nice band. I have one now that does heart rate and blood pressure so far more options. Plus it can get alerts most others don’t. I definitely prefer to have vertical views for the bracelets.

    • sajitha basheer sagt:

      How to download this app

  • Danny Allons sagt:

    Seriously, fix your nails is horrible watch your videos with these horrible nails

  • Vine__ Karma sagt:

    How do i charge it

  • Raja Waqar Ayub sagt:

    The cover thing on my screen keeps jumping off and the th actual screen and all rhe bits underneath fall out

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      That is rather unusual, never heard of this happening with any of the fitness trackers but when they make so many I suppose it is going to happen sometimes.

  • Raja Waqar Ayub sagt:

    Which new band do you use and also can you do a video on that

  • Raja Waqar Ayub sagt:

    Thank you soo much

  • Like a boss sagt:

    So actually, it SHOULD BE waterproof for showering, NOT TAKING BATHS OR ELSE, only showering, if I read it right. Or am I wrong?

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      I did not submerge any of the many I have used over the last few years but I have had them wet due to handwashing, (which I do a LOT) and showering and have not had any problems. So yes, showering SHOULD be okay for most if not all but I would certainly not submerge any of them. I would also make sure there is some mention of the waterproof/resistant on the page and documentation just in case of a problem so that you can make sure to have a valid warranty claim just in case the worst case scenario plays out. Always good to try to cover yourself in case of a problem. 😉

  • Kehinde Elizabeth Oluwatobiloba sagt:

    How do I turn on the Bluetooth on the band watch? is got a cross beside the Bluetooth which is not allowing me to find it on my phone when I tried to connect it.

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      I think when you switch to the find phone mode that is what activates the Bluetooth initially in a search like mode perhaps but really anytime the bracelet is on or lit it is connected to the phone so it should always be on really (I think). I don’t know that this is ever 100% clear in any instructions but I feel it is always on or else it could not automatically connect and sync data when in range. I sleep in one area and charge my phone at night in another area and don’t do anything special on the band to get things synced come morning so I don’t “turn on” or “turn off” Bluetooth on the bracelet. Hopefully, this helps and maybe trying a different phone or tablet will confirm if it is working properly.

  • Lowkey Yxnnx sagt:

    I have a question does it show notifications for snapchat?

  • sajitha basheer sagt:

    How to download this app

  • Cherie Miles sagt:

    Very nice video. This device CAN be changed from horizontal to vertical view. On the app in the Device settings at the bottom — go to Display Mode — choose Vertical — touch the check mark on the top right — touch the Back Arrow on the top left — then Sync by dragging your finger downward. It might not capture immediately but it will change orientation at some point as the app catches up with your phone.

  • Alexis Nadeau sagt:

    how we charged this watch

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      It charges by being placed into a USB port, you can see the exact connection at 1:56 which you can get to easily by clicking that time in my reply.

  • Refiloe Seete sagt:

    I just got mine it doesn’t charge please help

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      Options are limited, try a different USB port to charge with, if you know the port is working then make sure it is fully inserted and I try flipping it around as it only charges when inserted one direction but won’t the other way. If none of that helps it sounds like you’ll need to return for another or a refund.

  • Faiz Haseeb sagt:

    Ok how to start it but it won’t stop!!!! Please help am rlly desperate

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      Question: How can I ‘stop’ the stopwatch?
      Answer: Tap the button continuously until you have the Time/date menu. Then hold on to the button for 4 – 6 seconds. This should stop the stopwatch .

  • Sebastian Alvarez sagt:

    The veryfit 2.0 app on my moto x play wont find my device! Any info about this problem?

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      Did it work and now doesn’t or did it never work? Have you tried to clear the cache or removing and reinstalling the app? Do you have any other phone or tablet to test to make sure the bracelet is properly working at all?

  • Rebecca Gould Abrew sagt:

    Why is this listed as YG3 which is Fitbit but its actually for a Veryfit? Misleading!

    • Tw3akst3r's Reviews sagt:

      You’ll have to ask the Amazon seller why they did it but I think you might already have the answer based on your question.

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