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3 things to consider before buying an activity tracker or GPS watch!
In this video, Jeff walks you through some key considerations before buying a fitness band, step tracker or GPS tracker to ensure you get the best fitness tracker or best fitness watch that meets your needs. These considerations include built-in heart rate monitors, sticking to prominent bands (such as Garmin watch and Fitbit) and knowing what features you need – i.e. GPS, which activity metrics, on-board music storage, etc. Hopefully this video helps you decide which is the Best Garmin Forerunner, Best Sport Watch for you.

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36 thoughts on “3 Things BEFORE YOU BUY a Fitness Tracker or GPS Watch”

  1. Personally, I’d say (if you can) buy one with ALL the bells and whistles, that way as you progress your watch can do all that you want it to…….I made the mistake of buying a FitBit HR because I thought I’d just be watching steps and some gentle running…., then a Garmin Forerunner 225 for more running…..only recently picked up a Fenix 3 hr that I absolutely LOVE and wear all the time, cycling, fitness boot-camp, hiking, marathon training etc etc …….I like it so much I bought my wife one too. So you if you can afford it, just buy the Fenix 3 hr / Fenix 5 hr and thank me later

  2. I wear the Garmin Fenix 3 HR as my daily watch (love the look and all it tracks). I also wear a fitbit flex 2 on my other wrist, to have friendly competition with all my friends and family! Well said Rizknows. Find what will work for you!

  3. I’ve been choosing between fitbit charge2 and garmin vivoactive HR which one should I get.I mainly using it for weight trainning ,crossfit and running.

  4. Apple??? Save money??? Why does that sound like such a contradictory statement to me? Anyway, „Apple“ shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as „Activity Tracker“ because it’s simply not one. It can count steps, yes, but it’s not very good at that either. As for an optical HRM? While it is true that is better than nothing, and even if a device has one, a chest strap HRM is still a „must have“ even if you’re only slightly serious about fitness.

  5. Hey Jeff. Great tips. Can you make a video on how to use the data to improve your skills? These fitness trackers track your heart rate, sleep metrics, etc. But how do I use this to my advantage? What’s useful data and what’s marketing nonsense? Hope that makes sense.

  6. i am actually looking for a fitness tracker with which i can track my sleep actvitiy, running activity and swimming activity. I actually do not need GPS, but it should be waterproof and I should be able to track my calorees. Can you tell me a good device because i actually dont know anything about fitness trackers. I would have a budget of 250 dollars max (if it would be the best best device), but i would prefer paying 150-200dollars. Thank you.

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