Who doesn't want to be fit? but only a few succeed due to their determination. If you are one of them and want to have a track on your daily routine and fitness, here is a list of cool and useful fitness trackers that keeps you updated everytime with your activities no matter what you are up to. All of these activity trackers are easily available in the market and comes at an affordable price and have good reviews too. You can buy these products at amazon or any other online shopping sites, amazon being the best and cheapest.

Withings Go – Activity and Sleep Tracker ($34):
Cubot V1 Fitness Tracker ($13):
($10 – Gearbest):
Moov Now Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach ($55 – Price may fluctuate):
Xiaomi AMAZFIT – $50 (Gearbest):
$69 (amazon):
Fitbit Flex 2 ($59 – Price may fluctuate):

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