29 thoughts on “Ab Wheel Rollout Tutorial”

  1. I’m doing 3 sets of 20 (extension and back to position count for 1) everyday and it work more than my abs, traps, upper chest, shoulders, triceps. A really good exercises.

  2. THANK YOU! This is exactly the  explanation I was looking for on how to use this contraption to avoid using your shoulder and arm muscles too much, in effect strengthening not the abdomen but the upper body!

  3. I was doing maybe 50 of these or more throughout the day…. I feel like I Have been over doing all of my works. Are you sure 2 minutes of these per day is good enough?

    1. Yeah, I was also like „what only 2 minutes?? (But I think I’m still doing it wrong, because when I get my hips out like he is doing in 0:53, but then I come to far away and I can’t stretch my arm like he does, because I got far out, does that makes sense? I’m stupid to this and also small like I’m only 168 cm ugh)

  4. People are always talking about abs instead of strength. Why do they obsess the abs? Sit ups have always been uncomfortable to me, but the ab roller does helps me burn more calories, and get a ab workout comfortably. Thanx for the upload.

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