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Welcome back to Stu’s Reviews! Today Stu is joined by Patrick, from the youtube channel 'weigh in time', to help find out what are the best budget fitness trackers for under £30/$30 of 2017. Watch the video, then check out the links below for the individual reviews and where to buy!

WEIGH IN TIME (Patricks Channel);

TOP 3 Fitness Trackers of 2017;

1st Place – Xiaomi Mi Band 2
Review –
Shop –

2nd Place – Aupalla 21HR
Review –
Shop –

3rd Place – ID107
Review –
Shop –


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20 thoughts on “Best fitness tracker for under £30 ($30) | 2018 | Review”

  1. It’s made me want to go out and get one now, I’m carrying a little extra weight lol. I had the original Mi Band last year, but there was no heart rate monitor on it, Mi Band II looks like a good shout, great review.

    1. I know right!!! Me too! They kindve made a mi band 2.5 already… Its called the ‚Amazfit Bip‘ and was designed/collaboration between xiaomi and another company… Ive got hold of one and its really good, although the software is only in Chinese at the moment… Ill be doing a review of it in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled!

    1. +Chelsea Welch because most of these I’ve done individual reviews of. It’d be a waste of time me going through each one again. I was looking at the core ‘fitness tracking’ feature.

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