This Fitness band comes with Continuous Heart Rate monitor and Dedicated App.

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Boltt Stride Sensor –

Hi Friends, check out my new video on CHEAPEST Fitness band with Touch Screen here

Stride Sensor can be used for Advanced level Fitness Tracking. It can also be directly used in Shoes for more accurate results.

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20 thoughts on “Boltt Fitness Tracker ( Beat HR ) in INDIA | Unboxing & Review | Hindi”

  1. Sameer bhai thank you for replying to my question but I have one more question with you at in the market we have Lenovo fitness bands like Lenovo HW 01 and Lenovo HW 02 so can you please recommend me which one to buy Lenovo HW 02 or Lenovo HW 01 can you please make a review of those bands

    1. nishant tech lenove band is not the official from Lenovo company they are imported from some grey market pls don’t buy it (It is confirmed by the chef executive see geekiranjeet video)

  2. HR Monitor is not effective when you wear it like a watch its very hard to get the reading however on back of your wrist (reverse) it capture HR .

    Battery life sucks when its on Intelligent mode and all notifications disabled it wont last 2 days.

    Wondering if this a PAID REVIEW??? hmmmm….

    1. The method you mentioned about HR monitor is true. Its applicable with almost all HR bands.
      But the Battery life is good for sure. I guess if you are using it and not getting more than 2 days backup, yours version must be defective, as I got 11 straight days of backup in first charge.
      Finally bro, I would be more than glad if anyone could pay me for my work, but currently I am investing my own money. So don’t worry bro its Not Paid review 🙂

    2. Sameers ReviewRoom Hi Sameer !! Thanks for the details video. Since it is now almost a month you must be using the band could you please tell me is it worth buying . I’m looking for a fitness band and need to know how good is the Bolt band so far for you. Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Average, i mean some important things are missing in demonstration .u r just like reading specification. Show the product from different angles closeup. Spec can be find anywhere but built quality , looks, shapes, dimensions are also very important

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