This is my acne story, this is how I cleared my acne fast, thanks to everyone for following me throughout my entire skin journey Also, thanks to proactiv for sponsoring this video! Check out more about Proactiv:
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67 thoughts on “How I Cleared My Acne in 30 Days.”

    1. There are several components to reducing acne at home . One resource I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Pats Remedy Plan (google it if you’re interested) without a doubt the most useful blueprint i’ve heard of. look at all the amazing info .

    1. Nikias Nik i used to have bad acnes as well oily skin.. i used to cleanse my face then steam it, followed by gently scrubbing my face with honey and sugar ( thorough cleansing but at the same time smooth effect on the skin – can be used to scrub other parts of the body well)

      Then i will proceed with using my own homemade face mask. I made it by soaking a dry face sheet in a milk solution blended with tomato and oats. leave it on the face for ten to fifteen minutes, any longer than that will make the face itchy.

      Afterwards i will cleanse my face. I will then close my pores by using ice and apply it all over my face. Usually i will buy the popsicle set and pour water inside and freeze it. Its good and convenient to use.

      Pad face dry then apply all the toner solution, emulsion, moituriser… did this for two weeks and my face improved a lot

    1. Hey I hope it’s gotten better for you. Don’t give up ! Getting rid of Skin imperfections is quite a tough journey but you can defintely make it happen.

  1. How to clear your skin: don’t worry about it
    We all sruggle with it but this doesn’t mean that someone with acne is not beautiful!

    1. ema spanoche – it’s not that fact that we think we are ugly, it’s just the fact that;
      1. It hurts
      2. We want to be able to touch our face and it will be smooth/not in pain

  2. After struggling with acne for many years I’ve mostly given up on store bought skin care. I’ve been using natural and homemade facial scrubs. No dieting, no exercise just more water. I use this recipe:

    Brown/white Sugar
    Liquid Coconut oil


    Brown/white sugar
    Coconut oil
    And the smallest bit of lemon juice ever.

    Once a week I use Neutrogena oil free face wash. I’ve also noticed that I CANNOT wash my face vigorously twice a day. It dries it out too much. And then, moisturizing. I use Nivea SOFT moisturizing cream, or just coconut oil. It’s cheap and it works. This works for me and this might not work for you. Just thought this might help. ☺️☺️.

    Good luck on your skincare journey!

    1. Veeti Vainikka Are u fucking joking I was using more then 4 different kind of tablets for 9 mounts and I still got acne they always tell me that they don’t have stronger tablets fucking stupid..

  3. You have inspired me so much.. I started my 30 Day Skin Transformation a few days ago and I’m gonna see how it plays out. I’ve struggled with acne for over two years and nothing has worked, I watch this video on a daily basis to keep me motivated. I love how your acne videos aren’t just “Clear your skin oVeRNiGht with this InSAnE beauty HaCK!1!!” Because they just aren’t realistic and never work. Thank you so much for everything.

  4. I feel like people with clear skin who eat what ever they want and nothing really happens is like the equivalent of a skinny person binging chips and not gaining weight. I should know. I can eat chips and not get chubby, but damn do I break out.

    1. This treatment works *AcneCureOnline. Com* go to the website and watch the video. I have been using the information for a few weeks now. My acne is completely gone now.?

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