LG B7 4K OLED TV review, unboxing and wall-mounting. In this video, I review the brand new 2017 LG B7 4K OLED TV (model OLED65B7P). It’s a 4K Ultra HD display, meaning it has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 resolution. That’s 8 million pixels !!! According to many reviewers and professionals, the 2017 LG 4K OLED TVs are some of the best TVs ever tested.

It’s available in two sizes: 55 and 65 inches.

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I also have a dedicated home theater room with an awesome projector setup. Click here to watch the video:

This LG B7 4K OLED Smart TV supports all major formats of HDR (Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG) so it’s future proof. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which basically makes an image pop more by highlighting the brightest parts of a scene from the darkest parts.

Thanks to a refreshed operating system called LG WEB OS 3.5, all your apps are accessible at the push of a button. The LG B7 comes with a Magic remote which supports voice recognition. You point the remote to the screen and it acts like a mouse, just point and click!

The LG B7 has built-in WiFi connectivity, with the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard for fast internet access.

It has all the inputs you need: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 ethernet, 1 optical, and 1 Digital audio out.

This year’s LG 4K OLED lineup of TVs are said to be capable of reaching 1000 nits of peak brightness in highlights, which is a decent percentage better than last year’s versions and will help improve the HDR experience. The amazing thing about OLED is that the pixels are self-lighting, so you get what LG calls “Perfect Black”, meaning true deep inky blacks which leads to amazing colour contrast.

What is nice about this LG B7 model is that it delivers the same picture quality as all the other more expensive LG OLEDs in the lineup. The differences among the series are different styling and different speakers.

The LG B7’s design is elegant and minimalistic. LG calls this the Blade Thin Design, and this TV is among the thinnest on the market, even thinner than a regular pen.

This TV is also very light, coming in at just under 51 lbs (23 kg) if you wall-mount it like I did. Wall-mount is standard VESA 300×200.

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  • Gear Candy sagt:

    Sweet TV, I just picked up the E6, working on my review. The contrast on these TVs are insane. When you turn the light off in a dark screen the whole room goes dark, it’s crazy.

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      Awesome! It seems we have similar tastes! :). What was your previous TV?

      What I like about LG is that regardless of which series you buy (B7, C7, E7, G7 or W7), they all have the exact same panel meaning you get the same picture quality. Only differences are in the design and speakers. So really, the most minimalist design for me was the B7. No brainer.

    • Gear Candy sagt:

      I actually installed it in my editing room so I can QA my videos. My other 4K TV is a Sony 75″. It was Sony’s flagship back in 2015, still looks amazing but it’s an FALD panel versus an OLED. Still really good on blacks but not like the OLED technology.

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      Oh I totally get your point on the deep blacks! My previous Panasonic VT series 65-inch was regarded as one of the best TVs ever produced in 2010 when I got it (along with the amazing Pioneer Elite Kuros that stopped being produced in 2009 if memory serves me well) and its picture quality had won pretty much every award back in its day. But the LG’s black levels simply blow that out the water. I still can’t get over those contrast ratios!!!

    • amorbavian sagt:

      Pan TheOrganizer I have the same Panasonic and have been happy with it but now it’s time to update. Can help with a few questions?

      If I use the optic cable directly my surround system (no amplifier or any decoder in between) will the TV send DTS sound if the audio track is DTS?

      How does the TV handle fast movements, namely I sports and games as I do that alot? Didn’t have any problems on my Pana but OLEDs are getting mixed reviews on that issue.

  • Linconnu Duweb sagt:

    Comme d’habitude, le like 🙂

  • JR007 sagt:

    wow…so awesome and congrats on the new 4k TV…looks killer!

  • aquariex24 sagt:


  • Todd Halstead sagt:

    Awesome review Pan! You have made me want one. The picture quality looks amazing. I have been looking at the sound bar myself! I don’t think I have asked this one before, what are the lights by your TV? As you can tell I like lights! Thanks Pan, keep up the great work!

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      +Todd Halstead
      Thanks Todd!!

      The lights are Philips Hue Bloom LED lamps. Millions of colors you can select from their app, and even use voice control with Siri (iPhone) or Amazon Echo!

    • Todd Halstead sagt:

      Pan, so I started looking into the Bloom lights and their is a starter kit that includes 2 lights and a “hub” or bridge. I am assuming that by the way it looks it is generation 1, and I see that Phillips has a gen 2 bridge. Should I get everything separate so I can get the gen 2 bridge or just get the kit? Which bridge do you have?

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      I bought a 2nd generation Hue kit (that came with the new bridge and other light bulbs) and bought two Bloom lights separately, as I wanted the new generation bridge. I have many Philips Hue lights in my house, not only the Bloom ones.

    • Omega8kilo sagt:

      Pan TheOrganizer. Hey Pan how much did it cost to have that tv hung on the wall?

  • Sebastien Castello sagt:

    Possible de faire la vidéo en français?
    J’adore vos vidéos!!

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      J’essaie de faire des vidéos dans les deux langues le plus possible, mais c’est pas toujours possible faute de temps. C’est très très très demandant faire des vidéos bilingues…

  • ozzman8 sagt:

    It’s a real bummer that they don’t have 3D… It would look amazing on this TV..

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      I had 3D on my previous Panasonic VT series 65 inch plasma, and I only used it for the first couple of months. Never used it ever since. It’s a fad that went away, hence why the majority of TV manufacturers are slowly letting it go…

      How did you discover my channel?

    • ozzman8 sagt:

      I’m looking at buying an OLED tv so I stumbled upon your page. But I’m gonna go with the E6 cuz I want 3D.. Thanks

    • Bidwellz9 sagt:

      3d died in 2015….never caught on and for good reason, just a gimmick used to sell overpriced tvs and projectors….very few movies used it properly most of them were just objects being thrown at the screen. people wanted immersion and 3d didnt deliver that

  • Robin Plumridge sagt:

    Enjoyed your review on LG B7 but still undecided, possibly wait until Panasonic OLED arrives UK in June so I can compare then hopefully come to a decision.

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      +Robin Plumridge
      Thanks Robin! In the end, LG, Sony and Panasonic all use LG OLED panels, it’s just the processing that differs. Regardless of your choice, you’ll be super happy!

      How did you discover my channel?

    • Robin Plumridge sagt:

      Came across your channel while looking for reviews regarding the B7, the reason I was considering the Panasonic is that I am informed its received full certification to be fully compliant regarding HDR10 specifications , so in theory it should have a brighter screen than the LG or Sony, as my local store have started listing the Panasonic I will resist the temptation to purchase now and wait until I can compare them, not considering the Sony as not keen on rear speaker as I will be wall mounting it.

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      +Robin Plumridge
      LG supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and Technicolor’s HDR as well.

    • NGR sagt:

      Pan TheOrganizer Have a question for you. I am looking at getting this tv for the Xbox one x. Kindly explain to me how the motion artifacts are when planning around your character while moving. The Sony x900e that I am returning made me so nauseous with the motion artifacts the bottom of the screen looked like a tornado while moving and the character had a halo/ aura around it. Not worth it and can’t have that distraction.

  • Bleulagon sagt:

    pourquoi ne pas avoir fait la vidéo en francais, ca m’aurais vraiment intéressé

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      Je ne peux malheureusement pas produire toutes mes vidéos dans les deux langues, c’est tellement long faire des vidéos et je n’ai pas toujours le temps voulu… Je fais de mon mieux.

    • Bleulagon sagt:

      Pas de soucis Pan, je peux comprendre. En tout cas sache que tu produit déjà des vidéos d’une qualité irréprochable 😉 Continue !

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      Merci mon cher!!

    • René Claude GAGNIERE sagt:

      Bonjour d’abord mais zut alors ^^ en plus il est francophone et nous crève les oreilles avec de l’anglas 🙂 pas gentil ! le modèle E7 me fait de l’oeil mais je me demande si ce n’est pas mieux de partir sur le E6 plutôt [ rapport qualité-prix évolution entre les deux].

  • Rahul Sharma sagt:

    Pan, honestly one of the best new channels I have come by. The diversity of your videos and your delivery is just amazing. I came across your channel through a YouTube suggestion (I was previously watching some Chemical Guys videos). Keep up the great work and I wish you more success!

  • 양재식 sagt:

    i am so intresting your review so simple and easy.

  • boosted3fifty z sagt:

    Dude booty all in the video. I aint seen that much crack since I left the hood

  • Con25100 sagt:

    Great review. Planning on getting this tv in 65″. Your review helped better than the guys at Best Buy!!!!!

  • Davy Bloggs sagt:

    Unboxing – Where? Why would anyone want lights, of any colour, behind the screen? Counter intuitive. Should be dark behind the screen.

  • Louie Lamoore sagt:

    Great inclusive review.

  • Anthony Heflin sagt:

    This is different. I like it!

  • antananarivo201 sagt:

    Thanks for the review. After I saw your video I decided buy one for AUD$2183… and the YSP 2700… can you please tell us a little bit our your expenrience with this Yamaha? thanks.

    • Pan TheOrganizer sagt:

      Thanks for watching! The Yamaha has been awesome. Super compact yet super powerful and clear sound.

      How did you discover my channel?

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