Brandneues LG Electronics Food Center, Side by Side GSX961NEAZ GSK6676SC mit Insta View Funktion und Door in Door. High End Food Center von LG Electronics in der Vorstellung.
Als neue Funktion kommt das Modell auch mit Wifi Modul. Damit können über die SmartThinq App die Temperatur gesteuert werden, Schnellgefrieren aktiviert werden und die Smart Diagnose betätigt werden.

LG France: GSK6676SC
LG Italien: GSX960NSAZ

6 thoughts on “LG Food Center Side by Side GSX961NEAZ / GSK6676SC, InstaView (Knock Knock), Door in Door, Wifi”

    1. also, what are the pros and cons of this model? does it scratch easily.. we have an existing top freezer fridge and the clear coating in it fades after 3years of use specifically on the handle area.. would i expect something like that to happen on this kind of coating this LG have?

    2. Well, what I saw during the video and while checking the Food Center it’s really a premium product. And the InstaView feature is really cool and has it’s advantages. I could imagine that there will be more and more InstaView models from LG in the next years. I assume we will see more products at IFA 2017 in Berlin. From my point of view I can recommend the product. Would not hesitate to buy it if I would have the space at home.

    3. I think the coating won’t be a problem. The LG premium Side by Side have several coating layer in order to last for years. Of course, if you scratch along the front with a knife, fork or whatever you will see scratches. But under normal use and conditions you will enjoy the design for many years.
      Pros and cons…well, that depends what you are looking for. If your need a Side by Side with fix water supply, this one is not recommended as it doesn’t offer this feature. It has a build in water container which has to be filled manually. So for one person that’s a pro, for an other it’s a con. The InstaView knock-knock feature is well designed and manufactured, I don’t see this as a possible weak point at all. Energy efficiency is on the same level like Side by Side without transparent door.
      Overall, this is for sure a premium product with very good quality.

    4. LG Videos thank you sir, your feedbacks are a really big help for me. i hope you dont mind me asking again questions some other time. I am still waiting for this model to be physically available at distributor stores so I can check it out.. thank you sir and more power!

    5. No problem, you’re welcome. Yes, have a look at the model in real and take the decision afterwards. If any further questions, you can contact me anytime.

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