Finding out what the Meizu Power Bank is really made of as we put it through numerous tests. The Meizu Power Bank comes with a lithium polymer electrical core from ATL pumping out a whopping 10000mAh of capacity. Packed with mCharge support, the Meizu Power Bank can charge your Meizu MX5 from 0 to 58% in 30 minutes and from 0 to 100% in just 83 minutes. We even managed to fit all this awesomeness inside a beautiful body!

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11 thoughts on “Meizu Power Bank – Quality test”

  1. Hi. i am using meizu m2 note and it comes with power adapter of output: 5v-2000mA. my concern is, should I connect the phone to a power bank(10400mAh) port that say’s output: DC 5v-2.1A or to the port of output: DC 5v-1A. i am little confused. please suggest. And can I also charge the power bank using travel adapter (output: 5v-2000mA)? My power bank has input: DC 5v-2.1A

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