Hey Youtube! I am so excited to announce my first video, my honest review and experience with Proactiv by Dr. Rodan & Fields. This video contains educational information that could be useful for anyone looking to battle THAT ANNOYING ACNE.

In 2011, Their new formula was launched to there website and I decided to try it out years later along with their Vitamins by “Vitaclear”, their Proactiv+ 3-Steps kit seemed more Powerful than ever. My overview about Dr. Rodan & Fields drastically changed. I decided to make this video to give MY THOUGHTS, OWN EXPERIENCE AND REVIEW about these companies and their products, I am not saying THEIR PRODUCTS DON’T WORK, They might work for some individuals but EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I am just sharing my own.

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If you read the sites, keep in mind that some of them debate that the use of benzoyl Peroxide can increse risks of cancer, However i did found this site:

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