Nord C2 Neo Ventilator : Test 1

Hope you enjoy my new gear, the great Neo Ventilator leslie simulator with a real acoustic feeling , I love it !!


  • Alan Garcia sagt:

    1:46 freaked the funk out of me.
    1:23 spacing was amazing.
    And everything else, spectacular.

  • megalorganiste sagt:

    @alangee15 thank you !

  • Jazz Devil sagt:

    Make more video’s

  • BenJogan sagt:

    Love this! very smooth. You’re a great inspiration 🙂

  • rikshaw223 sagt:

    Fantastic playing & sounds of the nord c2 & the neo ventilator, good stereo separation on the audio recording would have made it perfect. See nord c2 vs neo. I hope to play as well as you do one day.

  • Milwaukee Matzen sagt:

    That was great!

  • TimothyWells sagt:

    great playing! The ventilator gives that sound like it’s really ‘whipping around’ that no other leslie sim does

  • J. Charles sagt:

    dat ist ja der hammer!
    J’ai juste trouvé tes videos pour la première fois, ca cest vraiment super bien joué!! Si tu vivais en allemagne j’adorais prendre des cours…

    • megalorganiste sagt:

      je n’habite pas si loin de l’allemagne.. je suis à Metz. 😉

    • J. Charles sagt:

      +megalorganiste Malheureusement c’est encore 500km de la Bavière où moi j’habite…Mais si eventuellement c’est une offre pour des cours j’écriverai quand je passerai en france dans le futur;-) Et bien sur pour un concert..

  • Delroy white sagt:

    nice Video bro

  • dkpianist sagt:

    Yeah! “Wipping around the sound” as another commenter said. Sounds great. Very good playing too!

  • German shepherd Lover sagt:

    Wonder how the Nord Electro 5HP with the Neo Ventilator would compare to the SK1 (the latter as is without the ventilator) I own a Nord E5 HP and just played a Hammond SK1 side by side for the first time…..the SK1 organ blew me away making me feel that the Nord is inferior with organ sounds. One thing i found was that with the SK1 I didn’t lose the top end when hitting bass notes or chords, but with the Nord the right hand organ solos disappeared completely once I hit bass notes 🙁

    Does the Neo Ventilator bring the Nord up to the gritty/organic level of the SK1?

  • Paul TheSkeptic sagt:

    That was great. Nice playing. I think you were showing the difference between the Ventilator and the Nord’s Leslie but I don’t know when you were using which. So, constructive criticism.

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