Hi!!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this video. I bought proactiv and it really did work. I was really happy to see the results. Comment down below if you have every tried out proactiv and put down your results. Also make sure to leave a comment for the next DIY or challenge. This video was brought to you by my little cutie Cleo🐶.

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49 thoughts on “Proactiv Before and After”

    1. Crafty Ayana
      I just order the original proactiv and the trio that’s free with the original proactiv but I’m not sure if the brush comes with it..I order the one that they’ve been do commercials ,they been advertising some deals.

    1. Jasmin Ortiz Reading this 8 months from posting, I hope you went ahead and tried it. I’ve been using Proactiv for 12 years now. All the other options Proactiv have, such as + and MD, aren’t for me. I tried the Proactiv + simply because it was an improvement, when the original was working perfectly well. Anyway, I switched back so fast. Now there is PROACTIVMD with Adapalene aka Differin Gel. I’m not even going to bother with it. Adapalene is one of those products that makes things worse before improving. It may actually work for some people, but it totally depends on skin type. I’ve been an acne sufferer from age 12 to 21, until I tried Proactiv. Don’t let negative reviews scare you off. I’d say at least try the travel size kit before making any major purchases and commitments, if you already haven’t.

    2. It definitely does work but won’t work for everyone same with every product out there what works for some won’t work for others it depends how your skin reacts to it and if you follow the steps correctly as i can garuntee they probably werent following the steps correctly as theres technically 4 steps to the kits step1 use the face wash then dry the face then use the toner(that only comes in a subscription kit not the one off kits) step 2 the pore minimising cream then wait 5 minutes for it to sink into the skin then step 3 the moisturiser and many people have had reactions from it because they’re either really sensitive/allergic to an ingredient or used way too much of the product at once or they’ve added extra steps like serum etc to it where the ingredients to whatever else they’ve used has counteracted to the ingredients in pro activ as there’s pretty much two pro activs they’ve got the plus kit where the main ingredients glycolic acid and salicylic acid and the MD kit where the main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide

  1. I feel like my acne is so bad that I can’t even make eye contact with people because I’m scared that’s the first thing they’ll notice about me…..

    1. I have been there, omg it is like they look at my neck and then my personality maybe that is why I don’t have friends, well thanks world.

    1. Cindy Cruz-Naja Yes it does! Give it a try! Plus if you don’t like it you can always return it no matter how empty the bottles are and get your money back.

  2. my grand son just started 5 days ago wasnt sure if he was using it correctly but he is. I have seen improvement not as much as we had hoped but its only been 5 days. It was so re assuring to see you after a month. The results are wonderful. Thank You honey for posting this video very informative and you are beautiful.

    1. It takes 3 months for you to notice a huge improvement because your skin is still getting used to it dont just stop as your skin will freak out and you will have a big break out and people who quit because theyve only been using a few days/weeks to try something else because theyve not seen improvements when it takes 3 months before major improvement happens as with any treatment a break out will occur but it won’t be as severe

    1. Presley Boler I completely agree! It really does dry her face and get rid of the oil. Not so much as to make it too dry and unbearable but a good balance!

  3. I don’t have bad skin but I have those little skin colored bumps on my forhead, and I get occasionally breakouts but their bad!!! and I get cist

    1. Arianna Martinez same, im also gonna try to drink around 64 oz of water a day which is 2 of my water bottles 🙂 because I heard that drinking tons of water helps a lot to speed up the treatment and to actually clear acne! Im also gonna cut down on dairy 🙂 you should try those too….so then we can be Acne free for back to school :))

    2. Arianna Martinez same girl I actually haven’t started proactive I started this new skin care routine which is working great for me 🙂 its been a few days and i can already see a difrence in my skin! Im pretty sure im gonna be clear for school ! Just coment back if you want to know to stuff im using because i got all it from walmart actully so you wouldnt have to order anything ( i have oily and dry patches of skin on my face and i have sensitive skin so this will probley work for you 2)

    3. this might be a little too late but dont be afraid of people noticing ur acne ! its perfectly fine and everyone goes through it. i have quite a lot of acne and my friends have never ever judged me for it and ive never judged people with acne before ! all the best !! drink tons of water and eat more fruits and vegetables ! natural remedies are the best !!

  4. Girl i need your help! I get a few bumps on my forehead and some pimples on my cheeks & my grandma bough this kit of proactiv for me and i don’t know if i should try it out since my problem isn’t like a big one idk if that could cause me more stuff than what i already have, what have u heard?? do u think i should try it?

    1. DaniiCamilo I didn’t experience that but dermatologist say that the acne is gonna get worse before it gets better which is why a lot of people don’t really give the products a good chance.

    2. true that!! ive heard that too! but im scared bc i have seen lots of people saying that like their last source was getting proactiv as if they were avoiding trying it but ended up trying it anyways, idk

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