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36 thoughts on “Proactiv Plus Review!”

    1. Yes it does sting this happened to me too I was a little scared when it burned my face I asked my mom if there was something wrong and she said no it was supposed to burn because my mom had bad acne problems when she was younger like me it also also burns my lips too but I use a chapstick and it works for me.

    2. It does sting but two things could be happening 1. Its cleaning and 2. Your having a minor reaction to it. If your acne gets red and hurts while you get more then you need to stop because it means your having a reaction.
      I got a reaction and now i use Oxy pads and Spectro Gel…it dosnt cause a reaction and after two weeks my skin is soft and clear

    3. Happens to me too. Eventually it stops burning and your skin gets used to it..kind of like mouthwash..you feel the burn and you know that it’s working

  1. The Pore Targeting Treatment is not a toner actually :). All the ingredients that were in the „tone“ from the original Proactiv line are in the skin smoothing exfoliator from Proactiv+. So it is your cleanser, your toner and your exfoliator. The Pore Targeting treatment is your smart target benzoyl peroxide treatment meaning it targets the bacteria part of your acne. I’ve been using it for some time now as well and this is the information i got from a Proactiv kiosk. It’s amazing for sure!

    1. Cristina Bacara the pore targeting treatment goes on after you’ve used the retexturising toner which no longer comes in the kits unless you get the complete kit the 3 step face wash, pore targeting treatment and the hydrator is the basic kit and the original pro activ no longer exists they changed the ingredients and added salicylic acid and glycolic acid in all 3 steps and the benzoyl peroxide is actually benzoic acid

    1. You’re going through puberty you havent got acne and puberty doesn’t stop until age 16 but the hormonal changes of puberty don’t stop until you are 21 years old

  2. Hey I just got my proactive plus and I’ve been using it for 2 days now, and every time I apply it my skin burns a bit. It’s not too bad of a burn and there is no redness but it just stings a bit around my cheek bones after applying. Is this a reaction? Should I stop using it?

    1. Try getting the sensitive skin version…proactive should give it to you for free since you got the normal one. But if it continues to sting you might have a reaction to it. Its happened to me and now i use a combo of Oxy pads and Spectro Gel

    2. Sarah McDonald if you’ve got sensitive skin you shouldn’t be using any acne treatment that contains benzoyl peroxide , salicylic acid or glycolic acid as they are known irritants and until your skin gets used to it it’ll sting a little entirely normal as it takes 3 months for your skin to accept the product

    1. Kathy Dang it’s not recommended to stop since you are not treating the under lying cause acne hasn’t got a cure it can only be treated moment you stop using these treatment products the acne will come back and often or not 10 x worse than what it originally was

  3. This stuff really works,I’ve been using it for about six months and have seen a complete change in my skin.It’s very gentle and leaves your face feeling super soft.

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