🙂 I LOVE THIS NEW SYSTEM ask me any questions c:

18 thoughts on “Proactiv+ review ( Proactiv plus )”

  1. did it work better than the original & is it more gentle? I feel like the original was waaaay to harsh on my skin, actually over time I feel like it make my skin worse 🙁

    1. +keke mcfootz getting rod of breakouts. Blackheads aren’t really going to be treated with proactive. You need more exfoliation it will help a little tho

  2. hi,., when you started using it,., did you breakout first??? and how long you’ve been using before you finally got to see the results? 🙂

  3. That I notice first week skin feels tight abd dryish cuz it do contain alot of benzoyl p. But ur skin will start clearing up after a week .. drink lots of water helps hydrate skin even more.. 9+ cuz its expensive but worth it …

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