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Have you tried Proactiv+ or the original Proactiv before ?
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I have been dealing with all types of acne since 4th grade.
Do you suffer from blemishes ? If so what are you using to help clear your skin ?
I've also done a few tutorials on how I cover it all up.
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Today I am reviewing the 30 day Proactiv+ 3 step
kit. I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Proactiv+. I received samples of Proactiv+ to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. #MC ALL opinions and experiences with these products are that of my own.

* I am not a doctor or licensed esthetician.

The Proactiv+ 30-day supply includes:

Skin Smoothing Exfoliator 2 oz
Pore Targeting Treatment 1 oz
Complexion Perfecting Hydrator 1 oz
$29.95 plus S&H and any applicable state taxes

Proactiv site :

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  • i2cred sagt:

    I love how real you are. Im in that boat of crappyness too. Ive used proactiv before and loved it. Ive been thinking about starting it again. Thanks for the video. Btw girl you are beautiful. Dont worry about showing a few bumps!! We all have imperfections and I appreciate your honesty!!

  • Michael Werbovetz sagt:

    I’m 34 and have started having those @ about 16, although not so much lately. now it’s more a makeup job for me. Michelle, how about plantar warts? have you had those?

  • Sareena Vargas sagt:

    Hi There! Well I have never really struggled with acne but only around that time of the month when a random one will come out but I just wanted to say that you’re beautiful and you shouldnt worry but I do realize that it’s the way you feel about yourself…I just love watching your videos so I watched this one too!! 🙂

  • makeuplovers81 sagt:

    I just got the proactive plus today I tried it once so far it made my face feel new again but I’m worried that it won’t work the way I expect it to. When did you first start seeing results of clear skin?

    • Michelle Marino sagt:

      It will take a few weeks and most likely it will get worse before it gets better. I am about 2 months In and see a drastic difference with my skin now

  • Candace Juarez sagt:

    is it still working well for you? i am interested in trying it. I too have suffered from acne for a LONG time!

    • Michelle Marino sagt:

      Yes and I am very surprised, relieved and still in disbelief. I do still get occasional breakouts but my skin is sooooo much better and the breakouts I do get heal much faster. I am about 2/3 months in now and see a drastic difference with my skin 

    • Candace Juarez sagt:


    • mimila33bakali sagt:

      Candace Juarez i tried it but is horrible. know i have more acne then befor .the proactive is bad cream

    • AaronW3440 sagt:

      mimila33bakali that’s B.S. pro activ doesn’t cause acne your body does because all acne is hormones, hair follicles clogged by dirt, oil and dead skin cells , bacteria and excess oil production acne doesn’t have a cure only management through treatments and since break outs start weeks before a visible break out happens all pro activ and any acne treatment does is bring it to the surface and destroy the acne causing bacteria and with continued use it’ll clear it up but it won’t cure acne and if you don’t use it twice daily it’s not gonna work

  • Precious Williams sagt:

    I’m so glad I watched your video, the 1st week, I used all 3 products each day (2xs a day), & my skin had a “slight nervous breakdown,” lol!!! Now, I’m starting to use 1 or 2 products of the kit per day, & now my skin has “calmed down” (I experienced red bumps around my nose & cheeks). Personally, I think it’s because my skin had to build an “immunity” to the benzoyl peroxide AND salicylic acid!! I’m on  to week 3, & I’m continuing to hope for the best! BTW, I know the feeling, some people will make comments about your skin in general, & I’m like “I know what the issue is, & I don’t like it. So hearing your comments doesn’t make the situation better. If anything, it’s adding to it.” So thank you for this video, cause now, I feel a lot better!

  • Joyce McKennon sagt:

    I have been using Proactiv since 1998….i absolutely love this product..when i first began with Proactiv for my adult acne..i was skeptical…because so many companies make empty promises…but after using this morning and night for 10 days…i could see that the acne was going away and my skin was actually starting to glow…by week 3.. I was completely acne free….and i was able to quit trying to cover up the acne spots..i still use Proactive as part of my cleansing routine as a preventive and also as an exfoliant…i often get compliments on my”beautiful complexion”. It never fails to brighten my day fter years of feeling dirty and ugly!…that was a good tip about using a little water with the wash/cleanser as it does give the product some motility. Glad you shared so that others may benefit from this product too.

    • sonita vong sagt:

      Yes i fist use it on my face now it . It worked much fist time . But my face become red coz i live in Asia country. I should use it or not could u tell me ?

  • ThisIsTyDell Instrumentals sagt:


  • SHIFFFTER sagt:

    That’s why I’m like so happy they changed the hydrator to a tube, i just feel like it’s easier and more sanitary

  • SHIFFFTER sagt:

    That’s why I’m like so happy they changed the hydrator to a tube, i just feel like it’s easier and more sanitary

  • BeachBumJax13 sagt:

    Very helpful, thank you!

  • Josh & Janeth American/Filipino sagt:

    hi i just started using the proactiv+ 3 steps for like 5 days now , i kinda like it already because after i applied those 3 products my face is so smooth .. but i just want to ask, when you applied these products does your face peeled ? because mine is peeling a lot .. but there is no irritation or something like that , just my face is like so tight and my skin is peeling .. i just wanna know if this is a normal reaction .. btw i have a really bad acne on both side of my cheeks and lots of red spots .. also i wanna know what is the name of the site you bought your proactiv ( would be great if you will give me the link 😀 ) .. anyway thank you and hope u reply 🙂

    • Michelle Marino sagt:

      yes peeling is totally normal and clear fresher skin is underneath. Believe me I hate when my skin peels too for obvious makeup wearing issues but its good ! Be sure to never pick or pull the peeling though. Or you make cause more damage and even scarring.

  • lizzy joledo sagt:

    I just got it

  • zoeken dcuo sagt:

    You should never embrace a double chin male or female

  • Karina Franklin sagt:

    I just got the kit at ulta and I’m so glad you said to take it slow because I am indeed so excited to begin this process.

  • Ijujgahj Bujhedshi sagt:

    I also tried coconut oil and had the same reaction. Never put oil on your face when you have acne, it just makes it so much worse

  • AaronW3440 sagt:

    Pro activ do ones but they’re no different to the generic ones that cost less as they aren’t medicated or anything to make a huge difference in acne all make u,p wipes have the same ingredients as it’s just micellar water soaked wet wipes

  • Brianna The Mango sagt:

    I have this it works.

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