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The 6 Best Fitness Trackers 2017 – RIZKNOWS Activity Tracker Reviews! You guys have been asking for it and its finally here. In this video, we run you through the Best Fitness Tracker on the market, in our opinion. On this list you will find fitness watches from Fitbit (of course), Garmin and Misfit. We had a lot of fitness band to choose from but these are the ones who made the cut. I know a lot of you may ask why there are so many Fitbit activity tracker on the list but hey Fitbit is one of the major players in the industry for a reason. We review pretty much every step tracker and activity tracker on the market so we think we have a pretty good idea of the best ones. On our website you can find all our Fitbit review, Garmin review and any other fitness tracker review you can think of. We hope you enjoyed this Best Activity Tracker 2017 and Best Fitness Tracker 2017 video. Don’t forgot to comment down below regarding what activity monitor and exercise monitors are your favorite.

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Honorable Mention:
– Garmin vivofit 3
– Misfit Ray
– Fitbit Flex 2
– Moov Now
– Moov HR

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46 thoughts on “The 6 Best Fitness Trackers 2017 – RIZKNOWS Activity Tracker Reviews”

  1. Hey Riz! I wore my fitbit over a weekend training with the marines, and we went through mud and water. At the end of the weekend the fit bit worked just fine.

  2. Polar a360 with the latest updates and new improved bracelet gotta be the best. Not to mention its the only one you can pair with a chest strap and has a color display.

    1. The unit now snaps into the band, and the buckle its a lot tighter it wont come off. In the beginning the unit would fall off the band. The good thing about the polar a360 is you can pair it with the H7 strap or the new H10. All these fitness trackers are not accurate for crossfit and bodybuilding.

    1. Riz I’m new to getting a fitness tracker and still stuck after watching your video. I’m not sure whether to get the Fit Charge 2 or the Garmin Vivosmart 3. I will only be using the fitness tracker for the gym e.g. cardio…

    1. At my school in PE (physical education or Phys Ed) we sometimes use the Polar A360’s. I prefer my garmin vivofit (I know they are old) get a Fitbit or garmin instead in my opinion

    1. Jaron Zimmitti Yo how do you feel about the screen compared to the Vivosmart HR? All the videos I see don’t represent the Vivosmart 3 well because the screen is always flickering so i’m not sure how it really is

  3. I think the Xiao Mi Band 2 can be considered as well. It just about $50. It has heart rate, distance tracker, sleep analysis and Phone & message notification.

    1. Dear Sugarbabe,
      What is your TAKE on the fact that the FitBit Charge 2 is not documenting the steps accurately? I read too many complaints about this including FitBit taken to court for that…

    2. but if you compare it with most fitness trackers, others don’t count steps accurately too but fitbit is proven to be the closest one to count steps correctly because some trackers would count way more than the normal steps but fitbit only has increased counting by just a few.

    3. Every hand movement is documented:

      –Cutting paper while sitting at a desk…
      –Laying in bed and holding a book… moving the book from hand to hand
      –Laying in bed and putting hand lotion on my hands
      –Blow drying my hair
      –Washing hands
      –Applying makeup on
      –Cutting vegetables
      –Reaching for an item from an upper cabinet
      –getting dressed…

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