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An elliptical and a cross trainer may seem similar, but in reality they are very different machines. Find out about the key differences between an elliptical and a cross trainer with help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

Expert: Christine King
Bio: Christine King is a business owner and the President of Your Best Fit, Inc.
Filmmaker: Daniel Sanz

Series Description: After making a list of all of your personal fitness goals, only then can you start to develop a plan that is actually going to work for you. Get tips on shaping up and general fitness related topics with help from a fitness expert in this free video series.

10 thoughts on “What Is the Difference Between an Elliptical & a Cross Trainer? : Shaping Up”

  1. This seems backwards…I thought ellipticals have the moving arm poles (to simulate cross country skiing) and the cross trainer only has fixed hand holds, but with the adjustable platform.

  2. Такой эллипс я купил в магазине Зона Спорте.Очень хорошее обслуживание в магазине и естественно сам шикарный тренажер

  3. Cute, she is already training the viewer while on the subject  🙂 „…and while you are on that cross-trainer, I want you not mindlessly to move your arms, but actually push and pull the levers…“

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