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71 thoughts on “World’s Best TV? LG 65″ Curved OLED 4K Ultra HDTV: Unboxing & Review”

    1. +Jackson Nichols Honestly it’s probably the easiest TV to use since it manages everything in a simple and FAST interface with a user friendly remote. It’s just awesome, they really have cracked it and that’s a very honest opinion, I want to fill my house with these TVs and ditch all the boxes.

    1. +CryztalBT Plasma uses more power but you can also get burn ins on OLED and OLED has banding issues. But yeah the 2016 4k OLED models are brighter it was confirmed by LG.

    2. +sexydanny21awesome I actually know a friend who got an OLED 2 years back. No burn in at all til now, seems all fine, but i’d like to see where it is in let’s say another 3 years.

    3. sexydanny21awesome – if you are correctly calibrating this TV for ISF brightness levels then it’s bright enough. It’s 1000 nits is enough for HDR. Hence the HDR specification. As for banding it still exists on the new G6 and it costs £6,000 for the 65 inch version. The banding rarely crops up except on pastel colours or occasional black screens that are not true black. It’s an absolutely amazing TV and I own the flat one. The only thing the more expensive models have improved is the vignetting which like the banding is very rare. No TV is perfect, but unless you want to spend £6k on a G6 for the slightest improvents that won’t be noticeable under real world viewing.

    1. Tbh, I don’t mind. I mean, nearly all LG devices are not very impressive, but just great. They do what they do, and as far as I’m concerned, they do it well. They deserve more recognition, and this strategy of getting Youtubers to do it is better than TV Ads.

  1. Nice videos. I just curious. lol What the reviewer gonna to do with those products? They will keep it or return to company? I saw DetoritBORG reviewed tons of products. lol. He just keep all of them?

    1. Bing sux and his voice when he was setting the settings for the TV was awesome. His voice is how it should be when setting up Anything in real life lol.

    1. +Jasper Walker (JaJaWa) If I remember right, doctors can be sued for medical malpractice if you die or have adverse affects from this advertised medications unless you initiate the discussion yourself. Most doctors wouldn’t touch these meds with a 10 foot pole.

    2. +Jasper Walker (JaJaWa) They advertise to patients which then take their request to their doctors who may or may not agree to prescribe the medication. The ads spend half the time declaring the side-effects of taking the medication. It's definitely bizarro world if you haven't seen this before.

  2. This is too much for me. I just want a stunning, big display without smartness. I like watching TV, not using a complex multifunctional device. You get what I mean? I’d buy this and won’t use those functions for the rest of my life.
    But, it was such an awesome review Mike! You are the master of reviewing! 🙂

    1. +‫רפאל אלאשוילי‬‎ I agree, OLED really is amazing. I’m still impressed with my Samsung TV which has local dimming however it’s nothing compared to OLED. I was even tempted to go back to plasma a few years ago but now OLED is actually a reality I’m excited and ready to buy a new TV.

    2. +Lee Rees little sadly my parents could only afford a normal 4k, which is coming to our house tomorrow, though im still very happy since we are finally upgrading from RCT that we have for like 20 years and a 22″ LCD screen which has 1680×1050 resolution at my little room (we used to watch movies there lol, my parents and my sister)

      Any way I’m gonna buy the OLED when the prices will come down, and then another OLED and then sell the normal 4k because of I don’t want my parents have a lower quality even though they don’t care (lol my dad watched Avatar on a DVD RIP quality a few days ago and I was so pissed, I planned to watch the movie with him at the big screen and he didn’t even care about the quality, I should have give him a list of all the movies I planned to watch with him, I seriously haven’t watched many movies because of I was waiting for a proper display to run them and my dad is like „I don’t care about the quality“
      And my grandparents have a Full HD TV for like 3 years and they didn’t even knew that without an HDMI cable they will never see any FHD content.. so im gonna buy them one and give them a few FHD movies

      Just had to share it lol, happy oleding ^_^

    1. Nizar Bouaouad I got mine for $ $1300. Pretty cheap. Same specs but it’s only a 55in and it has no HDR. But looks exactly the same but it bit smaller. Same remote and menus too. I’m now looking to upgrade to a 65in with HDR and the same specs. Curved 4K OLED 3D Smart TV, etc. 55in is too small.

  3. Video, audio, content all very well done. Yeah kinda long but feature bloat will do that. I would normally ding the speed of the dialog but this guy is confident and clear in his delivery. As a lighting guy couldn’t help notice ceiling lights reflected in TV screen. OLED at 4K may be pricey now but I anticipate at will become the default quality like the vast majority of new technologies. Working on 5K computer now and when I use 2007 iMac next to it I have brief thought my vision is failing. I’m curious about when resolution will „top out“ and improvements will no longer be perceptible to human vision. Sure the product is „over-featured“ but as consumers we contribute to this mania. Thanks DetroitBORG for the quality presentation. If storage becomes a problem, may I send my address?

    1. Andrea Mitchell – sexydanny21awesome doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I own the flat version of this TV and have seen the new models and took along a test disc and the banding has not been improved. The increased nit brightness of the new models is irrelevant if you are correctly ISF calibrating. Unless you live on the sun then this TV is more than bright enough and it’s HDR because it meets that specification. The only real world viewing aspect that’s been improved is the slight vignetting which very rarely crops up. The banding is visible on pastel colours or when the screen is displaying washed out blacks. Dolby Vision is not going to be the defacto format and it is still software (not a chip). There are currently no UHD discs that support it. Also the banding improves as the TV acclimatises and ages. Possibly why the review of the new model didn’t reveal it. When I first got this TV it was everywhere. Now I’m lucky if I see it once during 10 different movies. So none of Danny’s arguments make sense. There is no such thing as the perfect TV and If you want to pay more money for a few spazzy smart features and better sound for what in real world practice is the same TV then by all means give LG your money.

    2. +Justin Hunting True there are no 4k Blu-Rays support Dolby as of yet but there will be some in the future that will. But Dolby has It’s advantages in the 4k streaming world. Dolby streaming is far better than normal 4k streaming. And there are only a couple titles that do support Dolby 4k Streaming right now I believe they are Dare Devil Season 2 and Marco Polo Season 2 and also the new season of House Of Cards.

  4. to anyone who owns a 4K TV
    the best way to get a more realistic look to high definition and 4K movies and TV shows
    Is to go to your picture menu and change your Auto Motion Plus to custom and crank the Judder Reduction all the way up
    it makes people look and pop out better in movies and TV shows
    You won’t be disappointed it truly changes everything that you have seen before you changing the Judder Reduction all the way up

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